Customer reviews

Payday customers range from freelancers to larger companies. Simplify your invoicing and accounting process and spend your time on something else.

The main advantage is the service

"Instead of going to Facebook, I go to Payday because it's so much fun"

Þórdís Wathne, owner of Hlaupár

I was on a hunt for a new accounting system and I went looking and chose Payday because it is modern and a system that I believe has a future.

Integration with WooCommerce

"I've been using Payday for a few years and I'm not going anywhere"

Bjarni, owner of Reykjavík Asian

The reason we chose Payday was because it was a simple system, convenient and the interface was beautiful. I have tried all accounting systems and there is nothing that compares to Payday.

Automation and time saving

"It's no problem to switch from another accounting system to Payday"

Elín & María, owners of Afstemma

We found Payday by listening to customers around us who were impressed with the system and decided to go to an introductory meeting with them. You could say it was love at first sight.

User friendly and simple

„I was looking for a simple system that works and Payday solved all the problems right away”

Marinó Flóvent, photographer

I am a photographer and work extensively all over town and in the studio and do not have much time to do other things. I started using Payday when I started working as a freelancer. I just needed a simple system that worked well and this just solved all the problems right away.

Better overview

„Better overview of the business and income that exists”

Karólína, physiotherapist

As a self-employed physiotherapist, this system has been extremely useful for me. Payday is very easy to set up and get started with, and the interface for paying bills is also very easy.

Always in your pocket

„Payday has saved me time, money and worries”

Jón Ómar, owner Garðherinn

Payday a great time saver for people who are always out working like in my case. I've been using Payday because I like this clever solution. I saw a great advantage of being able to just send invoices directly from my phone. It is such a great feeling to have all things in one place - let alone in your pocket.

Other reviews

„I'm sure that if it had not been for Payday I would have never started working independently. Using Payday, I don't have to worry about invoicing formalities and I have a great overview of the business. The service they provide is also first class, always available within minutes. Thanks, Payday!”

Magga Dóra, design director

„I'm a management consultant. The most fun thing I do is ride around town and work with ambitious managers to improve themselves and their business, not settle payroll or VAT, luckily for me Payday takes care of that automatically!”

Freyr, consultant

„Using Payday, I have a clear overview of the business and can make good decisions regarding the next steps based on the key figures I have access to. Payday also handles many tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming, such as sending out subscription invoices, paying salaries and paying public fees.”

Birna, Character web studio

„I have a real estate company with about twenty units to rent, the contracts are mostly index-linked, some with VAT. Thanks to Payday, the invoices fly out every month without me having to do anything. Index-linked subscription invoices are the most important feature for real estate companies like mine.”

Managing Director of Limra

„I want to focus on creating beautiful art. Payday eases my life, takes care of paperwork and that everything is in the right place”

Sigrún, artist

„I want to keep things simple and not waste time on paperwork. Payday saves me time and allows me to focus on flying”

Kári, pilot

„I do not want to worry about billing, payroll, and VAT reports. Payday helps me keep a schedule and finish the work in time”

Bjarni, electrician

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